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The awareness part - 


Pilgrim is training its leadership and paid staff in mandatory reporting and sexual abuse awareness. We are using a Program called Mobile Ministry from Protect my Ministry for some of the training.

Pilgrims staff also attended the Catholic Virtus training which is free of charge to anyone.  To schedule or view Virtus classes (locations and times) in your area click this link.

The paid staff member would get an email notification with a WEB Link, watch around a 40-minute video and answer test questions. The test would be automatically scored, an email would notify the Pilgrim’s administrators and the appropriate box would be check in the mobile ministry database. A minimum score can be set too. Pilgrim’s administrator can easily check that the training was done (score provided), is pending or not done.

Pilgrim’s teaching staff has had annual sexual abuse training and mandatory reporting guidelines training too.

Pilgrim, is also considering, extending sexual abuse awareness to its volunteers (it takes a village). The Mobile Ministry has a 20-minute video, with questions that works just like the 40-minute video to staff. It is so easy to administer with Protect my Ministry's Mobile Ministry.

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