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Green Bay has an ordinance that no non-fire couches are allowed in classrooms and office's due to potential smoke.


The Fire Marshall went on to say that the couches have been a night mire for some school with sexual abuse. Schools have been sued do to an "open invitation" as the Fire Marshal said. He said couches have even been found in locker rooms.


Couches for a school need to be purchased from an Institutional furniture store that sells to schools or hospitals. Couches needs to have a flame rating code, it's based on a California code too. These fire rated couches are not available in your local furniture stores.


I would not have a non-fire rated couch in a school, church or daycare. If you were to have a fire rated couch I'd suggest a "well lighted - well traveled location".


How many couches does your school have? Couches can be given to your local Goodwill Stores that will pick them up for free.

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