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LCMS President Pastor Harrison


I was extremely disappointed in your Facebook post August 26th at around 9:04am on a Sunday (*1) (under Matt Harrison). This is what is in your heart on a Sunday morning? This post is beneath the dignity of the seat, in which you currently hold, of the President of the LCMS.  


I am not here to stick up for the Catholic Church and I believe they deserve all the shame and lawsuits as I have read stories of survivors of Catholic Sexual Abuse.


If you were to reach out to or say a prayer to the victims or survivor and their loved ones that would be appropriate, especially on a Sunday. This is an example of your lack of leadership, lack of knowledge of sexual abuse, and you are spreading false information about the Catholic clergy sexual abuse.


If you want to know what research and data has shown about the Catholic Abuse Scandal here is the John Jay College of Criminal Justice summary and full report.

You have these hate filled comments on your post that you have not deleted.

“This issue does not apply to the LCMS, Derek John Schmid. The Roman Catholic Church had these problems because they readily accepted homosexuals as priests for decades. Apparently, homosexuals tend not to be celibate”.

Are you taking Sexual Abuse seriously, if you allowed your National LCMS Task Force on Domestic Violence and Child Abuse to take almost a decade to produce resources for your Schools and Churches under your leadership?

Are you taking Sexual Abuse seriously, if your National LCMS resources to Schools and Churches advocate internal investigation? Internal Investigation of sexual abuse is a big reason why Sexual Abuse is not handled appropriately which hurts victims and their loved ones.

How have you reduced or stopped Sexual Abuse in your institutions during you time as LCMS President?

I have spoken or communicated with LCMS Administrators who speak of all the obstacles to a National Lutheran Sexual Abuse Prevention Program. It’s simple – dream of what could be, set reasonable goal and expectations, work to achieve your goals, and keep improving. Take a look at the Green Bay Diocese Safe Environment. Safe Environment Link 

Your first goal should be to hire a Sexual Abuse Expert. A really good Sexual Abuse Expert and everyone work with this expert to proactively reduce or stop sexual abuse in LCMS institutions.

In every email I write, I am always asking for a National Sexual Abuse advocate to help guide LCMS Districts, Schools and Churches in a Sexual Abuse crisis. First and foremost, it will  proactively reduce the risk or stop sexual abuse and provide support for victims and their loved ones. Secondly, it will help guide Administrators in a Sexual Abuse crisis to respond appropriately. Lastly, it will help to protect the LCMS institutions.


Finally, the Catholics reformed in 2002. There is virtually no clergy sexual abuse after 2002 and their sexual abuse prevention program is the very best sexual abuse prevention program. 

The Green Bay Diocese (cc'd) was instrumental in helping me change hearts and minds at Pilgrim, provided Virtus training to Pilgrim's staff, and educational materials to have the very first LCMS Lutheran based Proactive Sexual Abuse Education, Awareness, and Prevention Program - “Pilgrim’s Safe Initiative”.

Pastor Harrison, I ask that you delete this Facebook post, apologies to Cardinal Blase J. Cupich (cc’d), and provide leadership and drive (promote) to proactively reducing or stopping sexual abuse in your institutions.


Pastor Harrison, I am a positive and persistent advocate for Sexual Abuse Prevention and would like to work to reduce the risk or stop Sexual Abuse in LCMS institutions.


I am a true friend to the LCMS, a friend that tells you what need to hear instead of what you want to hear. 


Derek Schmid

Pray to God but continue Rowing to Shore



WEB Site

Dear Derek,


Various individuals have spoken to you, but to no avail.

The LCMS has for a long time had a strict zero tolerance policy.

I am proud of the implementation of that policy.

We encourage all related churches and institutions to follow the law.

Individuals you have referenced have been removed from the roster of the LCMS decades ago.

If a congregation were to retain a church worker who has been removed, such congregation would itself be removed.

The LCMS does not have the same structure as the Catholic Church, nor the authority to impose what you suggest.

Any of a handful of cases of which I have become aware in my tenure, were handled locally, and none of these

few cases have required my action (assuring proper procedure is followed for removal).


You have made your points. Stop misrepresenting the LCMS. Cease spamming thousands of people.

We take the matter seriously. We have a zero tolerance policy which has been followed for decades.

If I do become aware of any case that requires ecclesiastical discipline, I will see that it happens immediately.




Matthew Harrison

Pastor Harrison


Thank you for your response to my email.


Let me first give credit where credit is due with the LCMS Zero tolerance policy – which I knew about and have not questioned ever in an Email.


We LCMS Lutheran’s have background checks and a zero tolerance to combat the evils of Sexual Abuse to our children.


Is this enough? Can we do better? Why are other institutions doing soo much more to protect children from Sexual Abuse like the Catholics? The truth is it is not that hard to do the right thing.


What about the research and data on the prevalence of evil? My main message is that 9.6% of children will experience Sexual Misconduct by the time they finish 12th grade and we Lutherans need a Proactive Sexual Abuse Program like our other fellow Lutheran Synod.


Zero tolerance is great after an Abuse but what about preventing or stopping Sexual Abuse Proactively. I find this thinking has no depth and does not take into consideration the research and data of Sexual Abuse or Prevention. Some data from research *1


A definition of SPAM is irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.  My message of reducing the risk or stopping Sexual Abuse to LCMS is relevant and appropriate so it would not be SPAM.


You have made the accusation that I am misrepresenting the LCMS. If there is a specific misrepresentation you are referring to please bring it to my attention to address and I will apologize. I certainly pray about my message, I choose my words carefully and I put a lot of deep thought into my Emails.


You have not taken down your Facebook post – shame on you!


District Administrators, I would pray that you if not publicly but at least privately ask Pastor Harrison to delete his Facebook post. This is not how we treat our friends – the Catholic’s.


Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.



Derek Schmid

Pray to God but Continue Rowing to Shore



web site:


PS My long-standing Email policy is to write an email that anyone could read and if there is a dispute then I communicate via in person or by phone. I will call you tomorrow Pastor Harrison.


*1 Child abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and at all levels of education, but 95% of abuse is preventable through proactive prevention.


Sexual abuse or assault is the number one under reported crime. Of 1000 rapes only 6 perpetrator's will be incarcerated. Every 98 seconds another American is sexually assaulted. 8 percent of all sexual abuses occur at a school. Every 8 minutes child protection services finds evidence for a claim of child sexual abuse. 

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