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Rev. Mathew Harrison, President LCMS

A statement from the National LCMS WEB site. The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod takes very seriously the duty of care it has to assist congregations and schools with keeping children safe.


How do LCMS schools and churches "keep children safe" without a Proactive Sexual Abuse Prevention Program.  LCMS children are at an increased risk without a Proactive Sexual Abuse Prevention Program.

Sexual abuse can be Prevented or Stopped with a Well Administered Proactive Sexual Abuse Prevention Plan. We know the risk is 9.6% that a child experiences Sexual Misconduct 

by someone associated with a school by the time the student finishes 12th grade.  8 percent of all sexual abuses occur at a school.

Many institutions such as the ELCA Lutherans, WELS Lutherans, Catholics, Baptist, Public school and others have had a Sexual Abuse Prevention Program for many years or decades.

Rev. Mathew Harrison, you have held the 13th seat of LCMS President since 2010.

  • Under your leadership there has not been a National LCMS Lutheran Proactive Sexual Abuse prevention plan

  • LCMS Task Force on Domestic Violence and Child Abuse's work has taken many many years to produce resources to schools and churches

  • LCMS Sexual Abuse resources advocate internal investigation which is so dangerous to victims, victims families, Institutions and Administrators. 

  • Pilgrim's administration had to "handle" a sexual abuse without a sexual abuse expert to guide them "we were finally told we were on our own”

  • National LCMS does not employ a Sexual Abuse Experts for a resource, Catholics have at least 80 Safe Environment Directors

  • My work (keeping LCMS children safer) at the Northern Wisconsin District has stopped due to my constructive criticism over National LCMS child safety concerns, I believe.

The sexual abuse at “Pilgrim” did not happen because of the abuser, the sexual abuse happened at “Pilgrim” because “Pilgrim” did not have a proactive sexual abuse prevention plan, in my opinion.

You can substitute “Pilgrim” for any LCMS school and church, I believe. I strongly believe, that Pilgrim’s abuser would not be able to sexual abuse a child at Pilgrim with the current sexual abuse prevention program.

Albert Einstein once said, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."

Sometimes we are compromised in trying to do the right thing. We do not work for the Institution, we do not work for the Man – we work for the Lord. I have heard it said best, that not having a Sexual Abuse Prevention Program is not Christian.   

Will the LCMS children have to wait for the 14th LCMS President for a Sexual Abuse Prevention Program? I wish my time and talent was used to make LCMS children safer in LCMS schools and churches like Pilgrim is now and not trying to motivate the LCMS administration!  When will the LCMS administration have an awakening "we get it and "we see the light" - you all know what LCMS children need - courage and leadership.

We could have a National Lutheran Sexual Abuse Prevention Program to start the 2018 (missed) 2019 school year with leadership and drive (Champion this issue) from you and the rest of the LCMS Administration.

Derek Schmid

Pray to God but Continue Rowing to Shore 

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