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I believe that the LCMS Lutherans have been viewing sexual abuse in there schools and churches as singular events. I have been told by someone high up at the National LCMS that " we (LCMS) just don't have a lot of sexual abuses". If you would like to add to this list (LCMS schools or churches), please send me a news article link or information (sexual offenders name, school, city and state).

There are many LCMS Sexual Abuses and I will be adding them as time permits! Please send LCMS Sexual abuses to that are not on this page.

Pilgrim Lutheran, Green Bay, WI.- Wayne Makela - Something good came of this horrible sexual abuse.

Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Florida, Edouane Jean (link) - internal investigating 

Trinity Lutheran Church, Minnesota, Darwin Schauer (link) - A failure to protect children

Dallas Lutheran School (Link) - A failure to protect children (alleged) ?

St. Peter Immanuel School, WI. (link) - Teacher sexual abuse

Pastor  Frank Brundige, CA (link) - Officials of the regional church hierarchy were informed about a beating allegation in 1991 and met with the parents of the 13-year-old victim, the legal filings allege. Neither the pastor nor his supervisors reported the incident to police or encouraged the parents to do so, the complaints say.

Nebraska, (Alleged) Sexual Abuse Teacher and Principle (link) - Really unfortunate, "mess", suicide and excommunicated 

Trinity Lutheran Church, Iowa (link) - Church officials knew or should have known that Faga had been removed from a previous assignment because of inappropriate conduct with the youth of his congregation, the first John Doe lawsuit states. Officials failed to report the abuse to law enforcement.

Church leaders also failed to attempt to determine potential victims of Faga's or whether those victims needed help, the first lawsuit says.

Redeemer Lutheran church in Minnesota, Pastor Daniel Reeb (link) - Church nearly closes

Virginia, Trinity Lutheran School and Church, Child Porn (link) - School closes 

Iowa, St. Peter Lutheran Church in Westgate (link) - sexual abuse

Texas, St. Paul Lutheran (link) - alleged sexual abuse - “They ignored it, they covered it up, and more students got hurt,” said Oscar R. Alvarez, an attorney representing the suing parents.

Maspeth, NY (link) - sexual abuse

Hales Corners Lutheran School, WI (Link)- Sexual Abuse

Faith Lutheran, Kansas (link) - Sexual Abuse

Metro-East Lutheran High School (link) -Sexual Abuse

St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Minn. (Link) - Sexual Abuse 

Lutheran High School of Orange County, California (Link) - Sexual Abuse 

 Crean Lutheran High School, California (Link) - Sexual Abuse

Evansville Lutheran School, Indiana (Link) - Sexual Abuse Alleged

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Michigan (Link) - Sexual Abuse Alleged

Hales Corner Lutheran School, WI  (Link) - Porn

Our Savior Lutheran Church (Link), Massachusetts - Sexual Abuse Alleged

Hope Lutheran Church (Link), Wisconsin - Sexual Enticement

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