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So, what are some other key components to keeping children safe at your schools and churches. 

Strong Child Risk Management Policy (CRMP), know to all, and on your school’s WEB site. A CRMP is how we are going to protect our children!


Door Window Policy in any room children are in or could be in, see Door Window Policy.


No texting or social Media from paid staff to students k-8th. High school would have a school account to be included in all social media and text for review and this policy is explained (annually) to all students, parents, staff and such (village concept). Almost every sexual abuse now days involves texting or social media.


A school board that includes a sexual abuse advocate, policeman or someone knowledgeable that is not a handpicked yes person.


No couches in classrooms or offices. Couches are a fire hazard and couches have been a Hugh problem with sexual abuse in schools all of Pilgrim’s couches were removed in classrooms and offices – see couches below.


The “rule of 2 or 3” should be followed whenever possible. At least two students and one adult or two adults and one student should be present in a room together.  Is your school at least trying to achieve this goal? What about after school programs? A child is most likely to be abused at 3pm, then around 6pm and next around 9pm.

Paid staff giving students rides, one on one. Don’t put yourself in this position and lookout for any paid staff that does this. Your school should have a policy too. Any exceptions should be known by multiple administrators.


Tutoring can be a real challenge. I recommend that it be done in a “well lighted and well-traveled location” no matter whom is tutoring.


Risk increases when there is an imbalance of power and control (age, size, position, authority).  Therefore, care must be taken to maintain a proper age balance between children. Approximately 25% of abuse cases are children molesting children. There is an especially high risk when there is a difference of 5 years or more among children’s ages. 

If you have a camera system the camera’s and recorder must be working, you are implying that you are monitoring with a camera system.

CDC Preventing Sexual abuse in youth serving organizations link

Awareness, do you know how to spot grooming?

Warning signs video link 

Why sex offenders ae able to get away with it video link

Active Shooter Training, A Door/Window Policy is the only way you could have an Active Shooter Training  

CPR Training

Hot dogs are also among the most common causes of fatal choking incidents for small children. If you do choose to serve hot dogs to the toddlers under your (day)care, they should always be sliced lengthwise before serving. Coin-shaped slices are popular among many parents and daycare providers, but they’re the most dangerous choice in terms of choking risk. Never serve round hot dog slices to toddlers.

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