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What if you rely solely, for sexual abuse prevention, on background checks as LCMS schools and churches are doing, in my opinion?

A large private company that has ordered 3.7 million background checks reported that about 5%, of checks, have a criminal background of any sort and 3-4 tenths of one percent of sex offenders are caught with background checks. I see a lot of Institutions are background checking every 3 or 4 years. I would recommend every 4 years.

I would estimate background check are done at a compliance level of about 60 to 70 % without a system like Protect my Ministry's Mobile Ministry. With this system, I believe the level of  background check compliance can be up to 95 to 100 %.

One of the key components and problems of asking someone to do something like a background check, background authorization (legally required to run a background check) or signoff a form (policies or CRMP) is compliance. If you don’t have a database system, I believe the compliance is up to the individual being asked to do something.  With the database in Mobile Ministry the administrator can easily see everyone that is not compliant with training, background checks, e signature sign (legally required), CRMP sign off forms, or rescreening (every 4 years or whatever is choosen).

Pilgrim has automated the background checks/authorization/policy signoffs, took compliance of background checks and policy signoff from the applicant to the administrator, eliminated paperwork, duplicate background checks and errors should be eliminated, greatly reduced administration time and improved efficiency, helps to legally protect the institution, all with this internet-based program from Protect my Ministry

This is an area where PMM Mobile Ministry does all the work. There is a link on Pilgrims WEB site

Note: Prices for Mobile Ministry do not reflect the LCMS discounts.

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