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Prevention part –

The Child Risk Management Policy (CRMP) means something, it’s how we are going to protect our children.

Typical  (CRMP) are poorly written, contents are not widely known, not well administered, not referred to, advises in house investigating (this is why institution get in trouble and cause harm to the victim and their family), not on your WEB site, it is not taken seriously, it is commonly violated – in my experience and opinion.

At Pilgrim, we have edited Pilgrim’s CRMP and now have an excellent CRMP Pilgrim's Safe Initiative Link . The CRMP is known to staff, it is on Pilgrim’s WEB site, the CRMP is referred to as changes occur to make sure Pilgrim remains’ compliant with their CRMP and there are checks put in place to make the CRMP a well administered prevention piece.

The CRMP is treated as a "Living Document" not a piece of paper. Do you know and understand your CRMP?

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